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Top tips for incoming college freshmen

+ Bring “professional clothes” – this is an appropriate top and pants other than shorts, leggings or jeans.

+ Start looking for potential job BEFORE school starts (many schools have a job site where a wide variety of jobs are listed). This isn’t a must do but if you want to get a job, the earlier the better.

+ Have an updated resume. Its always good to have your resume ready and to gradually build it.

+ If you’re unsure of what you want to major in take a wide variety of classes to find your interests. Freshman year is the time for you to explore interests without getting behind on work for your major.

+ Join clubs! Your school will most likely have an activity fair where you will be bombarded with (at least in my case) 100s of clubs – many of which all seem the same. Put yourself on the email list for them! Sometimes the emails get annoying but many of these clubs have different programs on campus that they will email you about which makes it easier to get volunteer opportunities, research jobs, and resume builders.

+ Don’t stress yourself out! You have sooo much free time in college so as long as you plan time to study and do homework you will have plenty of time to be social, watch Netflix and whatever else you like to do.

+ Be active! Take advantage of when the weather is nice because it is such a mood booster and can improve your productivity. Your school most likely has a gym thats “free,” meaning its built into your tuition so USE IT!

+ Don’t close yourself off first semester. Your first year of college is to meet people but many of the people you meet in the first few weeks may not be your friends later on. Never close yourself off to meeting new people.

+ Use to get micro scholarships at select universities and colleges. They start to add up and ANY $money$ helps.

+ Study hard for your AP tests! AP scores are accepted at almost (maybe all?) every university and even if the credit doesn’t go towards your major, it still contributes to your degree. This also may give you an advantage when registering for classes as typically registration opens up based on standing (the number of credits you have indicates your sanding so you could be a freshman but have enough credits to be sophomore standing and thus get priority over freshman standing students).

+ NEVER be afraid to ask for help! College is hard and an adjustment from high school.