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ocial media can be such a positive presence but can also be isolating. Over the years I have have been really active on social media and also deleted all of my social media sites. I try to always be attentive of if social media is having an overall positive or negative presence in my life and make changes accordingly. I think that social media sites can be a great creative outlet and way to keep up with friends. With that being said, I’ve deleted my instagram completely before when I felt that I was focusing too much on the likes, and I rarely use twitter. The FOMO can also be a little too real. These are some of the tips I have com up with to help navigate social media and keep it as positive as I can.

Don’t focus on the likes. Literally, just don’t. When I first had an instagram years ago I noticed that I would share these happy memories or photos that I loved and when they didn’t get very many likes compared to other people I found myself feeling insecure. It took these happy moments and tainted them. I deleted my instagram and I think after about a year I decided to make one again. If I ever feel myself looking at my phone too much checking to see how a post is performing I will put my phone on airplane mode or I just have notifications turned off. (Having notifications turned off for social media is something I 100% recommend)

Avoid fomo. Okay so this one is soooo much easier said than done. Even if you’re not that close with someone— seeing a group of people you know all hanging out can damage your self esteem. Sometimes when I see a post, I’ll feel bad for not being invited but more often than not, I wouldn’t have wanted to go or be invited in the first place.

Leave your phone at home or have a cleanse. I always enjoy these because it forces me to realize just how often I go to grab my phone. I know sometimes I go on social media and just scroll without even looking at what i’m seeing.

Just delete the app all together for a while. If anything, this can help you realize how much you mindlessly go on sites just to scroll. Once they are not there anymore, you’ll start to notice just how often you opened your phone to check nothing.

You control who you follow. Follow accounts that make you happy. Unfollow those that don’t. Simple.

You don’t have to watch every snap story, seriously. I don’t think I’ve ever actually sat and watched every story people have posted. I’ve had friends say that it stresses them out to have stories left unseen. I’ll be honest, I don’t understand this at all so I can’t really offer any insight here except, I promise it’s not that interesting. Just don’t watch them 🤷🏻‍♀️

People only share the BEST parts of their lives on social media. THIS ONE IS SO IMPORTANT. When I was in Greece I was posting on my instagram story frequently and people were texting me saying how great my life was and what not and this is when I truly discovered how isolating social media can be. Before I left for Greece, I was months into a bad spell with my chronic depression. I was in danger of failing multiples classes and couldn’t get out of bed most days. Hearing people say my life looked so perfect was frustrating for me because, although, I was living my best life that week and was having the time of my life, it didn’t mean that my life was perfect. I didn’t have my life together at all and it really bothered me that people thought that and were feeling discouraged.

When it comes down to it, it’s our job as followers to not let social media have a negative impact. It’s not the fault of the girl posting bikini pictures that you feel insecure. We all are at different points in our life and we all are guilty of showing the best versions of ourselves and our lives on social media. At the end of the day, we control how social media makes us feel, not the people posting.

Don’t let social media blind you from all of the blessings you have in your life.


Motivation for your Monday

Somedays you just don’t want to go to the gym and although it is good to give your body a break, it’s best to not go more than three days without working out so, here are my tips on what to do if you’re in a workout rut.

  1. Ask a friend to hit up the gym with you! This is always my go-to when I need motivation to go to the gym because my friend will give me that extra push that I need. They help keep you accountable. I look forward to working out with my small group for CHAARG every week 🙂
  2. Change up your routine. This is a HUGE one. Doing the same thing over and over again can get boring and only works a fraction of the muscles in your body. Change up your workouts to keep them fun.
  3. Find some new music. A good workout jam always gets me to run a little faster and longer so change up your workout playlist by finding some new tunes.

One of my favorite things to do is to put on a fun workout video and dance with my roommates. Check this one out 🙂 This is especially nice when I start to feel stressed and overwhelmed. 

Make sure that you are listening to your body. If you’re at the gym and only putting in 50% cause your body is tired, take a break. Pushing your body too hard can cause injury and can quickly put you in a rut. Take the day off and go 100% tomorrow.


Airplane must-haves

I love traveling but being on a plane for hours can get boring and mess with your body. Today, I thought I’d share with you my airplane essentials. Depending on the length of the flight I have found these to be my must-haves.

Disinfectant wipes – sooo many germs on airplanes and the last thing you want is to get sick while on your trip
Hand sanitizer
A book – i love reading but never feel like I have the time because there area million other things I know I should be doing so I always read on airplane rides
Good music
Good netflix downloads – netflix now lets you download from a limited selection of movies and tv shows, no wifi needed to watch!
Cards/what do you meme – my friends got me what do you meme for my birthday and we had a blast playing it on our way to Mexico
Water – hydrating, especially while traveling, is sooo important.
A snack – airplane food is expensive and usually not that healthy.
Face wipes – being on a plane for an extended period of time can really send my skin into a funk. I like to take a quick minute to clean it to avoid breakouts.
Hairbrush – this depends on the length of your flight but if its an overnight and you will be sleeping, this may be a good idea.
Phone and Computer
Phone charger/portable charger
Headphones – for the good music, duh
Any medications – this one is really important. Sometimes things happen and luggage gets lost so anything that you absolutely need should always be in a carry on bag.

All right, this is a round up of what I have to have for any flight. Do you guys have anything you must-have when you travel?