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3 Minutes of Thessaloniki

I am back in Minneapolis for a few days before returning to Madison for school. I had a wonderful time in Thessaloniki the past few weeks. Most people who know me, know I love making quick little videos to commemorate trips/events and to remember them forever. This isn't something I take too seriously and I by no means think I'm a professional videographer, I just make these for fun so I am able to look back on them for years to come. I hope you enjoy!

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White Tower

The White Tower is the most commonly known monument of Thessaloniki and the symbol of the city.

The tower was built in 15th century to replace an older 12th century Byzantine fort. It was then later recontsructed by the Ottomans. It was used as a fort enhancing the harbors defense and a prison. Because of its fame as a prison it was also known as the “Tower of Blood”or the “Red Tower”. It was renamed to White tower after it was painted white.

Thessoloniki was once inhabited by the Romans, Byzantines and the Ottomans. When walking the streets around every corner there is a ruin from one of these empires. Fragments of the old walls that surrounded the city still remain, the white tower being one of them.