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Wine hopping along the Aegean

A few nights ago some girls and I went bar hopping along the coast. We started at one bar and when we finished we would walk to the next one. It was really fun to talk, eat and drink with such an amazing view and atmosphere. We stopped at Boulevard 23, then moved next door to Sherlock. We took a brief hiatus from just wine for dinner at Garcon. I had the risotto with mushrooms and it was delicious. After dinner and dessert we finished off our night at Salotto 45. I was watching the sun set on the water with a glass of wine in hand and feeling truly blessed.

Perhaps it is the beautiful backdrops that are so readily available to them but the Greeks know how to slow down and truly enjoy life. Being a college student, I don’t think I take much time to slow down and reflect. There is always something to do or stress about. I hope the new year brings more time for reflection and appreciation for everyone.


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TOP THREE: Favorite meditation apps

I’ve been exploring the world of meditation for a few years now and find it can be a great way for me to slow my heart rate and to work to quiet my mind (I especially love it during finals week! #lifesaver). These are my top three favorite apps that I think you should give a try!

This was the first meditation app I ever used so, of course, I have to feature it. Unfortunately, it is no longer free but is still affordable at 1.99. After that, you have access to tips, different lengths of meditation and options for music and noises. Though, I still recommend this one, it isn’t quite as advanced as my next two favorites.


This is by far my most used meditation app. You can download the app for free and use it for 7 days of calm and their daily calm sessions but after that there is a membership fee. I recommend just doing the 7 days of calm and daily sessions if you don’t want to pay. Now, my favorite part is that it tracks your streaks, time meditating and total sessions. This helps motivate me so I can see how long of  streak I can get. It
also has a mindfulness reminder you can set to remind you everyday. Additionally, there is a breathe section, which I haven’t used much yet but would be great for you if you struggle with stress or anxiety. Finally, there is a sleep section (for all my insomniacs out there!) that tells calming stories to help you fall asleep.

Would it even be a meditation post if I didn’t mention Headspace? Probably one of the most popular meditation apps and one with the most features. They have packages for almost everything: health, relationships, kids and a few others. There is, however, a catch like Calm there is a membership fee to access their packages. Their foundation course (similar to calm) is free though.