started the day begging other doctors for their patients in the plastic surgery out patient clinic. Very grey’s anatomy. The doctors here are very collaborative. I asked one of the doctors why they chose to go into plastics. His response was something I had never considered. It involves the whole body, you can perform plastic surgery on any part of the body in contrast to say neurosurgeons who really only focus on the brain and spine. Every situation is different, you have to always have a plan B. As opposed to general surgery where you may consistently do appendectomies— removing a mole will always be slightly different in location, size and behavior. In plastics you really cover a wide variety of issues. From removing cancer to elective/cosmetic surgeries. In Greece, plastic surgeons must attend 6 years medical school and then 6 after. This is 2 years general surgery and 4 in plastics. Right now, you can practice anywhere in Europe because of EU— may not be able to in the England soon because of brexit.

People don’t seem to mind if there are a bunch of people in the room and if people come in and out. Lots of skin cancer removal and reconstruction. Burns and skin grafts.

Patient came in with burn covering most of one arm and part of other. Blistering, skin red and purple. Skin is raw. Injured from something hot at work. Does not want to get better. Had burns for 3 months and is now at risk of losing function in his hands. Doctors have referred him to psychologist and physical therapist. He did not go to either— showed him excersizes and he did not do them. Helpless wants doctors to do everything for him and doesn’t seem to want to put in the effort to get better.

When admitted to the hospital he was next to a man with similar burns but also had burns on his legs and that man was out after 3 weeks with function.

Ended my day in a surgery on a patient with a hand infection. It was very cool to be able to see all of the muscles, tensions and bones in his hand as they rinsed the infected flesh.

My past few updates have been more medical related. Let me know if you prefer updates like today’s that are more like field notes or if you’d rather hear about what I’m doing outside the hospital and see pictures.


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