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Cheers to another trip around the sun. I am so blessed & fortunate for all that I have.

2017 is a year I am ready to say goodbye to. Despite this, it definitely holds some great memories and experiences. As I write this I am living in Greece while working in a hospital. Two things that I love. 2017 held the completion of my first year of college and the beginning of my second. I have made strong friendships this year and discovered more about myself.

I rung in the new year sitting on the edge of the Aegean Sea, while fireworks burst above me. The glitter of the fireworks was only amplified in beauty as it reflected off the water.

2017 holds many wonderful memories for me. I went to Mexico with friends from college, spent my last summer in Minneapolis for the next few years. I began my sophomore year of college. Over the last year I have discovered a lot about myself and have had so many important moments and memories that I could not possibly say them all here. To better summarize my year, here is a 1 second glimpse into everyday that made it great.


2017 was the year I final took the plunge and started my blog. I had wanted to for years prior but couldn’t commit to a name and was nervous of what other people would think. But in March I decided to #treatmyself for my birthday. Though my post have not always been consistent and I’m still not really sure what I want this blog to be about, it has been great outlet for me. About 13 hundred views later, here I am!

happy new year!!

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