When I saw the apartment I’m living in this year was sporting some deep, dark red walls, I was really unsure as to how I should attempt to decorate. I’m very much a homebody and my environment has a huge impact on me. I knew a tapestry was a good option because it would cover a large amount of wall space for a relatively small price tag. My roommates and I settled on this tapestry from Urban Outfitters. For the other wall I searched for different artwork but I just really didn’t want to spend the $$$ so I decided I would get crafty (sorta). I went in my yard and picked a bunch of flowers and then pressed them (great way to get more use out of my million dollar textbooks) for over a week. I went out thrifting and thats where I found the wicker basket to hang on our wall and a few of the frames that the flowers are in. Finally, I took a trip to World Market to get the hanging mirror and a few more frames for my flowers and then just arranged it on our wall. I LOVE how it turned out! Our apartment came furnished (bless) so we already had a coffee table, couch, chair and side table which was super nice! My roommate found our TV stand on craigslist but it ended up being a lot smaller/shorter than we had anticipated so I got some bed risers to prop it up a bit (again, getting crafty). Overall, I really love the way our space turned out despite the intimidating dark red walls.

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