(Star)gaze worthy jewelry

I recently placed an order from a jewelry site started by a 20 year old. I stumbled upon her site and instantly fell in love. Stargaze Jewelry  has many beautiful, trendy pieces but what stood out the most was the prices. I found them to be SO much more reasonable than many other sites I had seen similar items on. Every time I have visited the site they have had a sale or promotion so that always helps too. I think that this site is perfect for anyone looking for gold or silver jewelry that won’t turn your skin green (actually the worst). My only complaint would be that the items seem to all run fairly small. I got a pack of mix & match rings that varied in size and I think like 4 of them fit me, I don’t have really skinny fingers but I don’t think they’re that big (now self conscious about my finger size?) and the choker I wore today fit well but I had it at the longest length and it still sometimes did the roll thing that chokers do when they’re too small. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? Anyways, overall I’m really excited about this discovery and I look forward to ordering more things in the future.