11 favorite songs of all time



Hey friends! I’ve decided to do a little series on my blog for you to get to know me better. I will be sharing 11 of my favorite movies, books, tv shows, etc. But today, I’m starting with songs. Making these lists is going to be near impossible for me because I love anything that provokes feeling and is tied to memories. These will be in no particular order and so many will be left out so, I will link my Spotify below so you can further dive into my world.

  1. Wonderwall

  2. Island in the Sun

  3. Teenage Dream

  4. Dog Years

  5. She Will Be Loved

  6. Dani California

  7. That Don’t Impress Me Much

  8. Wanted

  9. Strawberry Wine

  10. Dancing On My Own

  11. Georgia

Ok, honestly, I could go on forever. Music, to me, is magic. The way a song can understand you as if it knows you better than you know yourself. The pure beauty of each note. The way it can transform your mood. Music makes me feel everything. It’s an escape and a reality check. If you’d like to check out my expansive music repertoire, my Spotify has thousands of my favorite tunes. Ok, now I have to go before I question every song on the list. Too. Many. Great. Songs.





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